February 6, 2016

CASE: Brian's Custom Audio

Brand Activation

A true story and the perfect example of how ‘It all starts with one simple thought’.

About three years ago I received a message on LinkedIn of a gentleman called Brian Meghoe, owner of Brian’s Custom Audio with a very compelling story and whether I was open to have a Skype call with him. I decided to hear him out and see what he further had to say about his business and where Radical Thinking or myself would fit in.

He explained that his business in Holland was challenging at the moment and that his focus been on the UAE for a while. And one day he had a thought, to see who on LinkedIn had already established himself in Dubai and potentially could help him. And voila I appeared on that list and he reached out with nothing to lose. After a few days we connected on Skype and I was immediately sold by his enthusiasm and passion for his work. I decided to further introduce him to my network in Dubai, which one being the Ferrari Owners Club UAE.

The president of the Ferrari Owners Club at the time was also very impressed with the story of Brian’s Custom Audio and decided to help him further. And within two weeks from the moment he contacted me on LinkedIn the first Ferrari was already on a plane from Dubai to Amsterdam to get its own very exclusive sound system.

And one car turned into many and many turned into a Sunseeker Yacht in the Turkish Riviera. And from that moment on things started to move very fast and it exceeded his wildest expectations. As you can see that it all started with one simple thought… And brought him where he is today.

Radical Thinking keeps supporting and promoting his business within the region and we are a true advocate of his business and the motto that it can really start with just following your thoughts and ideas.

If you are interested to know more about Brian’s Custom Audio solutions or how Radical Thinking can be help, please don't hesitate to contact us.