As a creative digital agency we think in solutions, whether it is inside or outside the box. To make that happen, requires a combination of tools and resources which we have all covered in our Radical Arsenal.








Developing a brand is probably the most underestimated part of the starting a business. Having the right name, logo and messages can help distinguish yourself from your competitors and to be remembered by your customers. Radical Thinking can help you in developing the right branding for your business idea.


Once your branding is created it will need to be translated into your corporate identity. How you apply your branding throughout your business in any form or way. From stationary to the name tags on your employees to shipping labels on your deliveries. We at Radical Thinking can develop your full corporate identity and suggest solutions for the best exposure.


At Radical Thinking we are experts on corporate identity and brand development. We give consultation on how to improve your brand and how your customers can experience your brand in the best possible way. Brand consultation extends further then the visual aspect but the overall engagement your customer has with your brand.


Have a highly sophisticated conversational AI solution talk to your customers or prospects. Allow to solution to create sales opportunities, bookings and or guide them through a full Q&A guide. Available 24/7 to talk to unlimited people at the same time can be of huge cost and workload saving on your current support staff.


Use machine learning algorythms to understand the data and behavior or your clients or customers. Let the algorythm self learn and make its own assumptions and connections that can benefit your business, sales or data insights.


We are sitting on a tremendous amount of data, that we can easily analyse and make solid predictions on what is to be expected based on past information and or behavior. Based on solid prediction numbers you can mitigate any further risks or see opportunities ahead of time.


We are experts in developing games or interactive screens using motion detection. By using the your arms or any form of motion to operate the screen or navigate your way through the game. With the Microsoft XBOX ONE Kinect we can really help your game come to live! Radical Thinking has been pioneers in developing these games.


Control with what is happening on your screen by using an Android Tablet or iPad. Radical Thinking can help you build interactive games that can connect numerous tablet to build the best multiplayer experience.


AWe are the people to talk to if you are looking for to have your mobile game developed. We have an experienced team that can build the game up from the concept art all the way to have in launched in the Apple Store and Google Play store.


It is all about capturing the attention of your audience and customers. In order to do so successfully you need to make sure that the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) of your website or mobile app is perfect. We at Radical Thinking have got UI & UX experts that can help your business to thrive.


Businesses can be very complex and hard to imagine how it will look like. At Radical Thinking we always start with building wireframes and prototypes to get a clear idea of how your website or mobile app will look like and work. This process helps to fully understand the flow and how it will work before we go for the production of the live product or service.


Design is everything, you have a literally a few seconds to captivate the attention of the audience. So design, use of imagery, fonts and the logo are crucial in doing so. We at Radical Thinking have years of experience on how to design for the web and mobile apps.


Radical Thinking is known for developing pretty much anything that is possible on the web. Whether it is a booking system, landing pages, lead capture forms, survey tools and much more. We have been pioneers with working and implementing the latest technology and are for instance long term partners with Microsoft


We at Radical Thinking think with our clients and in some cases a solution is required that does not fit within the common available platforms. Based on the requirements Radical Thinking can suggest the best way how to develop a custom solution directly tailored to fulfill your business needs.


We at Radical Thinking consider ourselves experts when it comes to mobile app development. Besides having the experience in developing mobile apps on the key platforms like iOS and Android. We also bring a wealth of knowledge to the table to help monetize and optimize your business through the use of mobiles apps.


We are Digital Marketers at heart and can provide you with a range of solutions and support on Social Media, SEO, SEA, Web Analytics and more. In all our services we provide we make sure that all the boxes of digital marketing are ticked as much as possible to make sure you have the maximum exposure from your target audience


It is difficult these days with the ever changing market and behavior of your customers on how to reach them in the best possible way. We at Radical Thinking are more than happy to provide you with consultancy services on how look at your current marketing efforts and see how the can be improved.


Webinars are the easiest and quickest way to reach your customers or audience and providing them with information in an interactive way. Everyone can join a webinar at their own convenience of their home or office. Radical Thinking can help you host webinars or series of webinars where you can invite your customers.