March 30, 2020

Webinarlife is live!

Webinarlife is here to offer its expertise and support on how to run successful webinars with providing you with.

We are happy to announce that is now live! Webinarlife is a new initiative created by us at Radical Thinking. Due to the huge increase in demand in running webinars across the world, we saw the opportunity to provide with webinar support.

A lot of companies were forced to move their events into the digital space and that required quite a shift. A need for professional support and understanding of webinars grew tremendously.As we managed webinars for quite some time for some other clients before the COVID-19 times, we jumped right on to it.

Webinarlife offers managed webinar support with an A to Z service to ensure companies can run a successful webinar without the hassle of understanding the whole process, getting subscriptions, understanding the data and so on.

In a matter of a month, we launched ready to support anyone who wants to run a webinar for their business.