October 16, 2017
Game Experiences

CASE: 1001 Inventions

Game Experiences

1001 Inventions is one of the top clients that we have had the privilege of working with for the last 8 years and many years to come. Many of our projects have travelled around the world and have been played by thousands of people visiting the exhibitions developed by 1001 Inventions. The reason we like to work for 1001 Inventions is that we can fully ‘Think Radical’ and present some nice concepts.

Here are some of the projects that we have done for them over the years.

Quizdom game
Motion detection quiz game, where you need to use your arms to select the right answer to the question on the screen within the set amount of time. After each quiz, the player will appear on the daily leaderboard along with their picture that will be taken at the tend. (Motion detection using Microsoft Xbox One, Kinect)

1001 Inventions Quizdom Game

Habitat Game
‘The book of Animals’ is a multiplayer game where players can colour in their favourite animals and see them walk in their natural habitat. Each player has their own iPad that they can draw on. All the iPads are connected to the server which projects the drawings onto the screen. The games are developed in both in Arabic and English.

1001 Inventions Habitat Game

After the success of the of interactive wall game, we worked on the request to bring the game to Apple App Store and Google Play for everyone to play and learn about the 'Book of Animals'.

Book of Animals Mobile Game

Escape the room game
One of the exciting motion detection games was the Ibn Al Haythem to escape the room. After he was released from prison he has several seconds to collect as much of his items from his cell. The more items you are able to collect the more points you can earn. (Motion detection, using Xbox 360, Kinect)

Dash for Freedom interactive Game

Do reach out to us if you are looking to develop an gaming experience!